A Brief Introduction To Spin Bowling In Cricket

Spin Bowling

Spin bowling is the type of bowling in cricket in which one with the ball in hands doesn’t try too hard to come at the batter to uproot the stumps like fast bowlers. In fact, the main aim of spin bowling is to deceive the batter with Drift, Dip, Bounce, Flight and of course Turn along with the
“DDDs” (Destructive Deceiving Deliveries) such as Doosra, Googly and many many more.

And YES! the one who spins the ball is known as a Spinner.

Types Of Spin Bowling

It is divided into two types:

 (a) Leg Spin
(b) Off Spin

Leg-Spin is the dominent one and its a bit difficult to take a leggie to the cleaners as compared to off spinners but that doesn’t mean Off spin is easy to pick.Both are tricky ones and can bamboozle the batter.

Techniques In Spin Bowling

We have two techniques to describe here, with which the spinners spin the ball.

. By using the wrist.
. By using the fingers.

As the name shows, wrist spin involves the wrist and it plays the vital role in it while in Finger spin the fingers are the key factor to spin the ball hard.

(c) Some Notable Spinners of both techniques are as follow:

Wrist Spinners — Abdul Qadir, Shane Warne and
Yuzvendra Chahal.

Finger Spinners — Saqlain Mushtaq, Muttiah Muralitharan and Saeed Ajmal.

Categories Of Spin Bowling.

It is further split into four categories.

. Off Spin/Off Break – Right-handed with finger spin technique.
. Leg spin/Leg Break – Right-handed with wrist spin technique.
. Left-arm orthodox spin – Left-handed with finger spin technique.
. Left-arm unorthodox spin – Left-handed with wrist spin technique.

Grip & Line/Length

We’ll talk about the grip and ling/length here in general.Its due to adversity in spin bowling that we use different grips depending upon the sort of delivery.So, It can be explained in some other article as here we are talking in general.

As a Spinner you should aim for the off side of stumps or the leg side of stumps (for off spinners and leg spinners respectively).

Ball should be pitched up and you should have the skills to turn the ball sharply right after pitching it on the deck otherwise you can be treated-with some nasty blows.

A spinner should bowl in Full Length area of the pitch.It is approximately in-between 2 to 6 meters.

Bowling Speed

The Normal speed with which a spinner bowls almost ranges from 75-90 kph.
I think if the speed is kept normal or a bit slower
(not that much slower that you can be played easily for singles and doubles or can be hit for boundaries),
then it will bring some good results for the bowler.


.  One can start with medium pace for warmup purpose and then can bring down the speed and can analyze which speed is suitable for him/her to bowl spin with comfortable action and balance.

.  Cones or anything else can be placed at the targets you wanna bowl. Try to bowl at the targets consistently and be patient.

You can also opt for the ones you feel best for you or can simply consult with someone who can sort it out for you and is a bit experienced.

Lastly, We are always here to help you & would be looking for your kind suggestions.So, give us your feedback and mention your queries and we would try to find a way for you & YES! do mention the topics you want to read about in future.

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